Glad To Be Gay: The Struggle for Legal Equality


LSE Library’s spring exhibition is Glad to be gay: the struggle for legal equality. It marks the pivotal piece of legislation, the Sexual Offences Act, and uses unique material from the Hall-Carpenter Archives and the Women’s Library collection to consider the difficult legal struggle by gay people to achieve equality over the last half century.  

This exhibition follows the LGBT story from the ‘hidden’ years when homosexuality was a taboo subject, to the passing of the Sexual Offences Act in 1967 highlighting key items from this campaign, to the emergence of gay liberation in the 1970s when the

2016: a very bad year for women

 woman-and-flagOriginally published in The Conversation, December 23, 2016 8.35 pm AEDT

2016: a very bad year for women


Author Julie Gottlieb

Reader in Modern History, University of Sheffield

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On balance, 2016 was a year of highs and lows for women. The lows, however, have been of the “how-low-can-you-go” …

’12 Days of Christmas’ Quotes


Source: Bing Photos…

’12 Days of Christmas’ Quotes

Rowena Cade, creator of Minack Theatre, Cornwall.

Rowena Cade: A Fragile Woman?

Rowena Cade: A Fragile Woman?


Rowena Cade is remembered by Tom Angrove, her ‘builders mate’ :

‘carrying single handed twelve 15 foot (4.5 metres) wooden beams from the shoreline right to the theatre. Customs men, looking for salvage from a Spanish freighter, met her on the beach.

Challenged about whether she had seen the timber Rowena admitted that she had taken up some wood that morning. She suggested that the officers should come and see it. But, thinking that such a frail looking woman couldn’t have lifted what they were looking for,

’12 Days of Christmas’ Quotes


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